Handyman Contractor For Home Renovations So You Can Get The Best Results

Whether you are moving into a new home or you are wanting to upgrade your existing home, knowing how to find the ideal handyman contractor for the job will definitely come in handy. I plan to layout a few tips in this brief article for you to follow, so that you don’t get fooled. Don’t worry, even if you don’t know anything about home renovations you will be able to follow this easy guide to learn how to get the job done and save money at the same time.

A Handyman Contractor Necessity Can Be A Fearful Process

Every home owner is scared of contracting a handyman for a simple and easy job, only to then find out that a particular wall has to be ripped up to fix the problem correctly. I’m here to say, have to fear, with a little reading and research you’ll be able to build the confidence to get the job done within your budget. And if you’ve got this far on this article, you are half way there.

A Handyman Contractor Can Be Found On The Internet And At A Local Hardware Store

Put down your phone book, we are living in the year 2016. Go on the Internet and search the multiple available sites to discover a short list of recommendations in your local area. Yes, you’ll have to do some homework and research before you call someone, but you’ll narrow the field to a short list of qualified handyman contractors that other people in your local area have used in the past. If you are old school and don’t know how to research on the Internet, I still don’t recommend jumping to use your local phone book. Call a friend, because word of mouth still works and you’ll probably get at least one name that will get the job done for you.

I must say, there’s another great source for you to use outside of the Internet, your local hardware store. Simply walk in and ask any of the store employees. I must also admit, that sometimes the younger or new to the job the employee is the more honest of an answer you’ll receive. Drive down to your local hardware store and do some networking, it will impact your pocketbook. Whether on the Internet or word of mouth, these small and easy steps will get you started on a short list of names that you can finally sit down and call to set up an interview.

A Handyman Contractor Needs To Be Interviewed And Make Sure To Get A Bid

From your list of handyman contractors, the first to call should be the recommendations from your friends. Then the recommendations from other people. After calling the recommended contractors try cold calling the contractors that you discovered yourself online or some other way. Your goal should be to meet the different contractors and get a detailed quote for the job. You’ll know from meeting them face to face whether they won’t work or they’ll be the right person for the job.

Get a quote from each of the handyman contractors, and let them know that you’ll get back to them. A great way to avoid having to agree to anything with a contractor is to simply say, I have to check with my spouse or my family. That way you can examine each bid, and determine the best choice for you.

Handyman Contractor Selection Made With Confidence

Never choose the lowest bidder. That person is probably skimping out on something, which you can determine by simply asking another contractor and weighing out the course of action between the two options. This whole process will enrich your knowledge on what you envision for your home.

Never choose a contractor that promises you the world. If one person in particular is promising to have the project done in a quarter of the time the others estimate, then you have a potential dishonest contractor that you do not want to get in business with, so be very careful with being sweet talked. Based on your budget, if you know that the particular bid is promising more than the budget allows, beware!

A Handyman Contractor Needs To Provide You Project Details

Researching online may also provide you will more details that you could imagine, like the round ballpark figure of cost the job will be and the best course of action. This is important so that when you get the bid from the contractors, you know to get a detailed plan. The more details you receive about the project the more honest of a handyman contractor you have. An honest contractor will be open and like to fill you in on everything that will be done. This will also give you a plan so that you can follow along with the contractor on the project. Hold their words and expectation against them if you have to, and always try to get a written documented estimate that details the plan for the project.

A Handyman Contractor Needs To Stay Engaged By You During The Project

Do not give your contractor the keys and walk away. Stay involved, and make them know that you want to be informed of everything they do on your home. Especially if you are working with a contractor that you don’t know, don’t be afraid to stick to them like glue.

I hope this brief guide of tips and recommendation help you in finding the ideal handyman for you home renovations. Fear is probably our biggest hurdle, fear of the unknown. Get over it! Whether online or at your local hardware store, you can get started very easily. I know that you hate homework and research, but let me remind you that it will greatly impact your pocketbook, in your favor.

Published: August 1, 2016

By: Phillip Gilliam