Local Media Support Creates Jobs In Your Community

Are you disconnected from what you read and watch on television? Are you tired of feeling like you live halfway around the world from the magazines and newspapers you read? I wanted to write this article to encourage you to support your local newspapers, magazines, radio, and television media. There are several benefits to supporting local media, and I will layout just a few for you here on this article to encourage you to think about you community before turning on your television or picking up your national newspaper.

With the help of the Internet, it seems the world is becoming smaller every day. Because of this smaller world, we can now collect all the published information from around the world and collect great knowledge of other Cities, States, and Countries. As a result become disconnected and uninformed on local events in our communities. Knowledge from around the world may help your business or help you plan your next vacation. But to improve your daily social lifestyle I ask you to engage your local media sources in your local community.

Local Media Can Improve Your Social Life

Want to meet new friends? Want to get outdoors and stay active? Well, there’s nowhere better to look and see what’s happening in your community than your local newspapers, magazines, and news radio and television stations. Maybe there’s an animal fundraiser or local hospital charity event this weekend that you would like to attend and socialize with like-minded people. Local media companies work hard to keep their communities informed on all local events and activities, and if you haven’t noticed before, you’ll see that there’s a variety of events and activities for you to attend.

When we think of local news, some of us only think of crime and violent headlines from the previous day, but there’s so much more information in your local media. Yes, you may need to turn the page, go to the fridge and grab a glass of water, or even pick another newspaper and magazine tailored with topics you like. If you’ve been ignoring these media sources, I’m here to tell you to have faith in your community and its local media information. Your social life can turn around quite rapidly for the better, as soon as you begin to participate in the events publicized by your local media.

Local Media Benefits Local Businesses

Local media is depended on local advertisement money from local businesses looking to brand and promote themselves across the community. Local businesses can get very complacent over time, and then when a national franchise competitor moves into town, the local business gets forgotten by the community. Local businesses promote themselves on these channels of media to deliver you their message that may or may not apply to your needs. A local business offer will always be more appealing than the national competitors’ messaging to a broader audience.

With your engagement in local media, these media channels receive the ability to encourage more local businesses to take part in promoting and offering better opportunities for you and your community. These channels of media should really become your go to place for information so that your community becomes focused on what it does best, that is think locally.

Local Media Creates Awareness And More Jobs

As the audience to each channel of media in your community grow, so does the advertisement money to the channels and more jobs for the media and more opportunities are generated for the local businesses doing the advertising. Some local media sources offer good incentives for local businesses to buy advertisement and promote themselves. This is really the difference between national franchised businesses and locally owned businesses, marketing costs. You should definitely support local media that helps local businesses and promotes local businesses.

Advertisement is basically brand awareness, so these local media channels should be creating local community brand awareness. In the long run, these businesses will improve their revenue and create new jobs. The more jobs a community is able to create, the more opportunity for new business to the media channels. All this creates competition that will only benefit you, the audience or customer, in the end. Businesses will need to fine tune their messaging so that their offer to you is appealing.

Try to subscribe to a local newspaper. Pick up a local magazine from your local grocery store. Be aware in the benefits of supporting local media and engage with their editorials. Local media doesn’t always have the budgets of national media, but they have to start somewhere and by supporting them it will be a great start. Thinking locally will encourage you to shop locally and support your community. So be aware and put your community first next time you are interested in know what going on in the news.

Published: August 1, 2016

By: Phillip Gilliam