Announcing an All-Natural Product to Combat Zika, Malaria and Other Mosquitoes Born Illnesses

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RESCA International, LLC today announces the release of a highly-effective, all-natural insect repellent product that has been university developed and tested, to help effectively combat against mosquitos and other blood-feeding insects. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that over 1,000,000 deaths globally are due to mosquito-borne illnesses every year. Sadly, the WHO estimates that one child actually dies every 30 seconds due to mosquito-transmitted Malaria alone. Furthermore, the WHO has declared the Zika Virus, which has now been found in the United State, as a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC), therefore propelling RESCA International to bring its product offering to market immediately, to help prevent the further spread of mosquito-borne illnesses.

RESCA International executives also discussed with sources that they are ready to launch a GoFundMe fundraising program to finance the initial packaging and global distribution of this exciting new product line. The participants in the GoFundMe program would be the recipients of the very first commercial release of this product by RESCA to the public. For fundraising participants in the GoFundMe campaign, different levels of financial support will generate different “Product Packages” being delivered to the funding participants.

This new, all-natural, totally “green”, patent-pending product called TropicShield, will effectively repel disease-carrying mosquitoes, which can carry the Zika Virus, Malaria, Dengue Virus and West Nile Virus, as well as ward off Fire Ants, Head Lice, Dog Ticks, Lone Star Ticks, No-See-Ums, House Flies, Stable flies, Horn Flies, Cockroaches, and Gnats, to name a few. Unlike other all-natural products that use very low levels of active ingredients, making many people shy away from the all-natural product market as these weak products don’t repel well or last any length of time, TropicShield uses 15% active ingredients or more, where many others use only 5% or less!

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People using TropicShield will now have a safe, effective alternative to DEET-based products when they venture outside to enjoying nature. Boaters, hunters, fishermen, bikers, hikers, picnicking families, individuals who work outside, and anyone who enjoys the great outdoors can do so now with an all-natural insect repellent which is very safe and highly effective against many types of blood-feeding insects.

What is so incredibly exciting about this new development, TropicShield contains absolutely no DEET (N, N-ethyl-m-toluamide or m-DET), which has been the primary ingredient in mosquito repellant products since 1940. DEET is considered safe by the EPA, but in studies it has been linked to numerous possible health problems like cardiac birth defects, insomnia, mood disturbances, impaired cognitive function, headaches, skin irritation, weakness, fatigue, nausea and potential DEET–associated seizures (for which the EPA has stated that is appears that some of the cases are likely related to DEET toxicity) and even possible deaths.

Repel insects and mosquitoes in Florida

Despite the fact that TropicShield is all-natural and has no DEET, in extensive tests that have been conducted over 10 years by university entomologists, they found that the active ingredient in TropicShield, Geraniol, at a 5% concentration (TropicShield Regular Strength has 3x that amount at 15%) is actually more effective than DEET at a 10% concentration. Furthermore, a group of researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine discovered that three hours after an exposure to DEET, as many as 50% of the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes were resistant to the chemical, ignoring its typically noxious smell and attempting to land on irresistible human skin.

The Geraniol repellent at a 20% concentration maintains it water resistance, and in extensive university testing, Geraniol insect repellency is totally effective up to 6 hours on human skin per application, depending on the environment, and even longer on clothes. TropicShield should be applied every 4 hours, or sooner as needed after bathing, washing or after heavy perspiration.

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Furthermore, unlike DEET-related products, which the EPA strenuously warns should NOT be applied under clothing. TropicShield can be applied liberally under or onto clothing, and will not harm most fabrics. This is truly amazing considering how harsh a solvent DEET actually is, and Geraniol, with its all natural, totally safe composition, at a 30% concentration was found to be just as effective as a 30% concentration of DEET. Products using high-levels of DEET are so hazardous that the Canadian Government, due to DEET’s potential hazards, has mandated a 30% concentration as the highest concentration of DEET that is allow in products sold in Canada.

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This restriction on using DEET under clothing is critical, because while clothing affords some protection from mosquitoes, nevertheless mosquitoes and other blood-feeding insects can and do get under clothing. When blood-feeding insects do get under clothing, they can possibly spread the many diseases that they carry. This is a serious problem, for example, with ticks which carry diseases like Lime Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and many other tick-borne diseases. TropicShield is extremely effective on repelling ticks both on and under clothing, because unlike DEET, TropicShield can be applied to covered skin, as well as be applied directly to clothing, for additional protection.

Geraniol, the active ingredient in TropicShield, is a naturally derivative oil-based product, and is all natural and has no harmful effects on people, clothing and plastics. This is unlike DEET, which is such a powerful solvent it can adversely affect cell phones, tablets, sunglass lens and frames and is so powerful it can actually dissolve fishing line! Also, TropicShield will not harm your pets and is safe to use on both adults and children, as well.

DEET is known to absorb quickly and directly through the skin into the bloodstream and nervous system. As a result, DEET can actually accelerate the rate at which other chemicals, such as sunscreens, are absorbed into the skin. On the other hand, TropicShield remains on the surface of the skin, continuing its effective insect repellency against mosquitoes and many other blood-feeding insects, without the harmful absorption properties of DEET.

In hundreds of tests conducted over 10 years by universities all over the globe, Geraniol has been verified in numerous field and laboratory tests to be one of the most effective, all-natural insect repellents available. Also, unlike DEET, which has an odor that is offensive to many people, and which may impart an unpleasant taste in the mouth, TropicShield has a pleasant floral odor and does not cause an unpleasant side effects.

Repel insects and mosquitoes in Florida

TropicShield is so effective and safe that it is exempt from EPA regulation, because the TropicShield ingredients are listed as “GRAS” by the EPA, meaning Generally Recognized As Safe! The EPA considers the ingredients in TropicShield, “Minimal Risk Pesticides”, thus making TropicShield totally exempt from registration with FIFRA as well. TropicShield is a completely eco-friendly mosquito and blood-feeding insect repellant product that will not harm our environment.

Also, unlike DEET, which requires the insect to actually come in contact with the skin of the individual being protected before it repels the insect, TropicShield repels flying insects before they land. This further reduces the possibility of the mosquitoes and other blood-feeding insects from ever biting the individuals who have applied TropicShield.

RESCA International LLC, the manufacturer of TropicShield, report they are in discussions with multiple foreign governments and global humanitarian organizations, and as soon as the initial GoFundMe campaign is successful, RESCA International will begin distribution planning of TropicShield to underprivileged countries that are the hardest hit by mosquito-borne diseases. These diseases cause incredible death rates in these countries, due to Malaria, Zika, Dengue Virus, West Nile Virus and a host of other diseases that are carried by many other pathogenic-carrying, blood-feeding insects.

Published: October 1, 2016

By: Phillip Gilliam