Support Our Local Police

We Appreciate The Men & Women Of Our Local Police Departments, Who Put Their Lives On The Line For Us Everyday!

We Are Going To Give Our Community A Voice To Let Them Know Our Appreciation!

Sadly today our police departments are under attack. A very small minority of people have frothed up a negative attitude against our police departments nationwide by having focused on a very few incidents of police misconduct, a very few incidents that were actually valid examples of misconduct and some of which were not. Furthermore, the current administration has for some unknown reason seemed to fuel the fire of hatred for the police.

The end result has been a seeming nationwide backlash on our police departments and a resultant low morale of our police men and women nationwide. This is especially sad because without our police we would quickly devolve into a society of chaos and mob rule. Our police enforce the laws that protect us from the criminal element and without our police, overnight we would become a county of lawlessness.

This is why we here at listrio have started a new campaign that we hope to take nationwide in support of our local police departments. We are not proposing an elaborate campaign. Instead we know that for every police naysayer and police hater, there are tens of thousands of people that love and appreciate our police. We want to give these millions of people that appreciate our police men and women a voice to let our police department personnel know how much they are valued.

The Majority Of Americans Appreciate And Value Our Police Women and Men!

You see the vast majority of people that are chanting slogans like, "What do we want? Dead police! When do we want it? Now!" are a VERY tiny minority of the general population that appreciate and support our police departments and are shocked and dismayed at this kind of rhetoric. Unfortunately, the television news and other news reporting agencies love to show the riots and the violent protests; after all that type of sensationalism sells copy. Thus this very tiny minority of police haters get the majority of the exposure on the airwaves. This further froths up additional police haters and the situation feeds on itself.

To make matters worse, in an effort to placate this small minority of violent, police hating individuals, several prosecutors have pursued bogus charges against a few police men and women, which has had a boomerang effect and has cause our police men and women to be hesitant to go after the truly criminal element in many cases because they fear that they too will be targeted by a biased prosecutor that is looking to make a name for herself or himself with no regard to the incredible sacrifice our police men and women make each and every day that they put their lives on the line to protect and serve our community.

Peaceful, law abiding individuals which make up the vast majority of our country do not go out and create the sensational news that the police haters generate. These peaceful, law abiding individuals simply do their jobs and live their lives quietly and peacefully and their appreciation for our police men and women is not heard. We plan to remedy this by giving law abiding citizens the opportunity to voice their appreciation for our police men and women in the United State.

The listrio Police Appreciation, "Let Your Voice Be Heard" Campaign

listrio is planning to provide the millions of people that appreciate and value our police women and men the opportunity to speak out directly to these under-appreciated, under-valued men and women. By partnering with local community officials, local community business and most importantly, individuals and families of local communities across the nation, we plan to offer the simple survey form found on this page to allow these individuals to express their personal gratitude to the men and women who serve us every day in our police departments throughout the United States.

This form will be introduced by local community business that will sponsor a page in listrio that is totally free to anyone who wants to recognize our police women and men with their appreciation. The sponsoring local community business or organization (or individuals if they so desire) will acknowledge the business / organization / individual that is sponsoring the listrio page and will be tabulated as to how many people filled out that particular local community business or organizations survey form.

Periodically the local community businesses and organizations with the greatest number of completed surveys will be recognized by the community government and police department with a ceremony that affords the local news organizations the opportunity to report positive news about our police departments instead of continuously focusing on negative issues concerning police men and women.

Every one of these positive surveys will also be tabulated and given to every one of the police women and men on the local community police department to let them see just how many men, women and children in their community appreciate and support them. We here at listrio hope that this will raise the moral of these selfless men and women who put their lives on the line for our safety and wellbeing every day of their professional lives, and will reinforce the total community’s appreciation for the service that they offer.

What You Can Personally Do To Help This Worthy Cause?

We here at listrio hope that the entire local community will get behind this worthy cause.

We are encouraging local community businesses to tell their patrons and customers to please vote on their personally sponsored page on listrio sponsored by that individual business. We are encouraging local schools to make this a civic project that the whole school can support and the children can by participating, gain a new appreciation for their police departments. We are encouraging local neighborhood organizations and HOA’s to sponsor block parties and other events to get the word out to complete the surveys on their personal listrio page as well.

For the businesses that have the greatest number of surveys completed we will insure that all of their employees and their business are featured at the recognition ceremonies. For the school ceremonies, listrio will recognize the entire class that had the most surveys completed by bringing the entire class up before the school where the police men and women will personally meet and greet the class and the local news organizations will be able to take pictures and report positive articles and videos of the appreciation of our police women and men; not the negative news that is currently generated by a tiny handful of malcontents and trouble makers.

Please Contact listrio Today So We Can Post A Webpage For Your Business, School Or Organization!

This program can only be a success if the men and women of our local community business, organizations, schools, HOA and ANY other groups or individuals get behind this worthy cause. Remember the webpage and personal survey for your business or group is completely FREE and if we don’t hear from you we cannot sponsor a page for you.

So please, contact us today so that we can post and start your very own local police appreciation campaign sponsored by you or your business and begin generating support for your local community police department!

Published: August 1, 2016

By: Phillip Gilliam