A Used Vehicle Can Offer You Happiness

Recently I went out to look for a new used vehicle. Having done this a few times before, I experienced a few different issues that I would like to share with you today. With all the new features and technology available in cars today, I would like to remind you not to forget a few fundamentals. A used vehicle can sometimes be a nightmare waiting to happen, but I think with a little consideration ahead of time you can pick the car that will make you happy!

I’m not here to encourage you to look at a particular brand or model of vehicles. In fact, I’m not going to even name a make or model of cars I researched, looked at, and test drove. This is to show you that I’m not here to sell you a particular car model. Having said this, there are several fundamental issues that we need to address and should often be reminded to not ignore.

Used Vehicle Research In Your Local Car Market

Used vehicle quotes vary widely within a local market, even with vehicles with the can make and model. Today, we are very fortunate that we can easily download an app and search a local market, or Google search the vehicle and market. You can easily get a broad look and perspective on a local market before you walk into a dealership. With a little consideration and time you can prepare yourself to feel confident about knowing what to consider buying and what to stay away from at a dealership.

The Used Vehicle’s Year Of Production

We would know and agree that a more recent year of production of a particular model is always better than an older year of production vehicle of the same make and model vehicle. This comparison between years of production of a particular model is a great place to start with an in-depth research to quickly find out whether a vehicle recall has been conducted by the make of the car. You can be sure whether a recall has been done or not, the car maker knows its strengths and weaknesses. With a most recent year of production model vehicle you’ll know by simply reading the fact sheets, they’ll probably say "We decided to develop a better", "we have improved" and "our customers have asked us". Knowing this, you can feel confident about an older model and have questions for a car dealer or mechanic. You’ll sound engaged, intelligent and more importantly open to their opinion - every sales person like to be heard, but this time on your terms.

The Used Vehicle Mileage

In comparing two different cars of the same year and model, it is obvious that the one with the lower mileage will be more valuable. I’m here to tell you, that you can leverage this fact about the used car to negotiate and reduce the used vehicle price if you find a lower mileage car with the same price than the one you are looking to purchase. Maybe the lower mileage vehicle is out of your budget, but the higher mileage vehicle is within your budget. Don’t be so quick to just look at lower mileage vehicles, because you will be definitely paying a higher dollar amount for it.

A Used Vehicle's Overall Condition

First impressions are everything. Yes, you still have to drive the car out of the lot, but your first emotional attachment to a particular vehicle can be hard to overcome. Dealerships know this, so they dress up the can as well as they can. The idea is to create that emotional effect on you before you even get in the car or under the hood. This is why the research in the previous three points that I mentioned are so important to consider so that you don’t get emotionally attached to something that will end up costing you more than you can afford.

The Used Vehicle’s Special Desirability

Supply and demand. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is more desirable in rural locations than in urban cities. The location of a market will impact the quote of the used vehicle of the particular dealership. But there are other special performance options that may not play as big of a role, like a high-output engine. A high-output engine is an example of something that will be in higher demand regardless of the market location the vehicle is being sold in.

These are just a few guidelines that a dealership uses to compose a quote. It is very important to acknowledge that the quote is highly subjective, even in taking these five issues to consider before looking at a used vehicle for sale. If there’s anything I want you to take from this blog, it would have to be to please read and research before walking into a dealership.



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