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Have you ever found yourself trying to read an article on your smartphone and the browser page you clicked to read takes several seconds to open? Then the page opens, only to have an ad pop-up block you from reading what you clicked to read in the first place? Wanting to catch up on recent events and activities in your community can be like watching paint dry on a wall. Who has that kind of time?

Ever found yourself reading a page online, only to scroll down and see an inappropriate picture suggesting "you may also like" this unrelated article or blog sponsored by an irrelevant business halfway around the country?

An accidental click on that picture may introduce your computer to a Trojan horse malware virus that will continue to provide information from your computer to the outside world. Not to mention, the embarrassing consequences of clicking on something at the office and having someone see a pop-up that you did not intend to open.

Have you ever tried to find a real estate agent and find yourself being directed down the rabbit hole to another State? Reading about how great the real estate agent is in another town or city? What good is that to you?

Have you ever searched for a product on the Internet, only to see ads pop-up automatically on almost every website you enter? For example, a husband may have searched for a summer dress for his wife, then this man is forced to look at dresses for several days until he searches for another product. Then the process starts all over again.

You know what? We hate this kind of foolishness as much as you do! Well, we here at listrio have considered all of these issues and many, many more, to give YOU control of what you browse online.

Now you can find useful information on quality local businesses in your town; with no obligations.

listrio is a current stream of useful local information. Bringing relevant content to local people in a community. A local person can now read, write and find local business content; no registration required. listrio is a community link between the world-wide-web and local people, to ensure locals receive relevant content from their own communities.

listrio is a forum for people to find quality local businesses, like real estate agents, restaurants and doctors. Offering local business reviews from real people. In addition, you can find out more about local events and read local comments.

listrio is 100% organic for communities to read and write business reviews and ensure quality in their communities, so that local people can reward quality businesses with more business from the community. listrio aims to raise the service bar in a community and ensure customer satisfaction, one listrio visitor at a time.

listrio wants to bring you the best, most relevant content the fastest way possible for you to find your community events and activities when you’re ready to read them. listrio is dedicated to offer you the most significantly important content you search in your community, without forcing you to watch 30 seconds of an insurance commercial – not to mention the seconds spend waiting for the ad to load.

listrio provides relevant articles, blogs and information on your community, without spoiling your online experience with old search history based advertising on every page read. listrio brings you what you want to read, when you want to read it, without interrupting your experience with distracting and irrelevant ads on the page you want to read online.

listrio offers you online information you can read without fear of malware viruses and unappropriated images popping up on your screen. listrio controls all content on every page, no malware will be placed on your computer from listrio, that is a promise! You will never get a virus or a Trojan horse when visiting listrio.

listrio thinks local.

listrio believes that by focusing on the community, local business will grow and jobs will multiply which will give back to the community more business and more jobs. Small businesses have a difficult time projecting their voice online, due to large corporate control over the information technology platforms used to advertise irrelevant content to your community. Or worse, impose their information on your community that may be irrelevant to local people. listrio provides a soap box for local people to write, read and find local relevant community information.

listrio allows the smallest business to compete directly, head-to-head, with the largest corporations in the world.

listrio hopes to improve the experience of searching for information online to ensure a local person finds useful local information. Whether using a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer, listrio brings useful local information as fast as possible to you, when you are ready for it!

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