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listrio is a website platform that delivers content information for Internet users to read, write, and review which is relevant in their community. listrio does not use programmatic pop-up ads that disturb or ruin the website user experience. Content is posted on the listrio website to meet local community needs relevant to local desires. listrio’s goal is linking quality local businesses with quality local people.

listrio relies on sponsorships from local businesses, and listrio bridges the world-wide-web from local businesses to local audiences. listrio places advertisements in context with the page content that is relevant to the user of the website. What is the difference between a listrio advertisement and an programmatic pop-up ad that follows you around from website to website?

Well, that’s a simple answer, listrio’s advertisement does not follow you around from website to website. listrio only delivers advertisements in context with the content on the website, and listrio’s advertisement is only seen by highly relevant local audiences for a higher rate of engagement.

All listrio advisements are clearly marked "Sponsored", so that listrio’s users know very clearly what is locally sponsored before engaging.

listrio also offers sponsored content by local businesses. Offering local businesses a platform to deliver their message to a local audience with the highest quality of engagement in a local community. listrio’s local sponsors are local businesses that intend to deliver their message to a local audience. Offering small businesses the ability to start locally and grow nationally.

listrio’s goal is to only deliver useful information to local people. Thus, offering local businesses a much greater opportunity to deliver their message to relevant audiences.

listrio doesn’t create frustration, anger, and annoyance with their users, so that the information delivered is experienced in a good and positive light.

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