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listrio is dedicated to help your local business. Focusing on community, listrio believes that local business will grow and jobs will multiply to result in more business and more jobs given back to the community. Small businesses struggle to voice their message online. Many times big corporate control over Internet platforms deliver irrelevant content to a local community, and force their information on a local community that often times is irrelevant to the local people.

listrio is proud to offer small business owners an opportunity to voice their message to their own community.

listrio is a soap box for small businesses. For local people to write, read and find local relevant information on their community. listrio allows the smallest business to compete directly with the biggest corporations in the world.

listrio delivers a greater experience when searching for information online and ensures a local person find local information. On a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, listrio delivers your local information as fast as possible to your community, when they are stimulated to consume it!

mobile & desktop devices

listrio is a completely mobile responsive platform for website visitors to read, write and find local information the very instant they look for it on the Internet. To matter the size of screen, or mobile connection network speed, listrio is dedicated to deliver local community information the fastest possible way to help local people choose what is best for them.

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listrio does not deliver multiple, highly intrusive, and irrelevant pop-up ads.

listrio only displays sponsored image content in context with the article the website visitor is interested in reading. listrio does not, nor ever will, force multiple, highly intrusive and offensive ads in the face of website visitors. listrio will only recognize the single local business that is sponsoring the article with a non-offensive, non-popup, non-intrusive advertising image that shares the location of the local business. Website visitors can then read the article and choose to engage the reader wants, not forced or required to do so. Delivering content the website visitor is seeking to learn more about with greater opportunity for local businesses to connect with local audiences.

Furthermore, listrio displays content relevant surveys, calculators, etc, to enhance and benefit the article for the reader. These particular links in the article article will be sponsored by the local business that has sponsored the article. The article will not have any additional advertising on top of basic contact information for the sponsoring local business at the bottom of the sponsored image.

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